What is this iQ Competition about?

The iQ Competition is designed to encourage innovators to pursue their ideas and get funded for it. If you have an idea, Innovation Quest is looking for you! Innovation Quest wants to provide you with the resources for your ideas, your Innovation Quest.

Innovation Quest starts with a series of workshops designed to help student entrepreneurs turn their ideas into businesses, and prepare their application for the iQ competition. Students will be taught the skills they need to scale their ideas to businesses during workshop lectures and individual coaching from the extensive mentor network. Teams that wish to compete will enter their application by the deadline to be scored, and the top 2o teams will have the opportunity to pitch their business ideas to a panel of judges on the official iQ Pitch Day. The top 3 teams will win a cash prize, and the 10 teams will be extended an invitation to the Summer inQbator, an opportunity for intensive business coaching from mentors and industry experts. The summer inQbator culminates in an investor pitch day.

How can Innovation Quest help me?

Where will the next Google, Yahoo!, Cisco, or eBay come from… or even the next efficient energy source of biotech innovation? As budding passionate entrepreneurs this is an opportunity to get your ideas, projects, software, etc. noticed, rewarded, and potentially introduced to the venture capital industry in Silicon Valley, off highway 128 or any corner of America. We’re talking about cool stuff here – it doesn’t matter if you’re bold or shy. Some of the greatest innovations come from the quiet people that originally don’t think what they are doing is significant, but are doing it because it is cool to them. This is the kind of stuff we want to see. And, of course, the bold is cool, too.