Previous Winners

2021 Awards

First Place – Queen Bee
a beverage with all-natural and sustainably sourced ingredients striving to promote personal well-being, restore the environment, and raise awareness for the honeybee population.
Second Place – SedMed
an adjustable and compact sit to stand toilet lift assist that utilizes a gas spring to provide up to 75% assistance in lifting a user on and off any toilet without the use of a battery or electrical outlet.
Third Place – PatentPlus
an advanced software that employs AI, machine learning, and customized interactive features to improve patent searching and invention disclosure.

2020 Awards

First Place – SimpliGreen
a subscription service that ships a personalized box of lawn care products to your door monthly. Products are curated based on a soil test and individual site evaluation of your property.
Second Place – ReduSeal
an antimicrobial shield that adheres to the front of a standard box of gloves, thereby reducing the volume of potential microbes going into the glove box while also reducing glove waste by only allowing one glove to exit the box at a time.
Third Place – FLUSH Warranty
provides lifetime warranty, servicing, and complete piece of mind for your septic system.

2019 Awards

First Place – Voxion
eliminates the costly and time-consuming process businesses face when creating voice applications by implementing a cost-effective, code-free solution.
Second Place – Pisces Atlantic
a recipe for industrial aquaculture feed that is based off of vegetable proteins and other environmentally sustainable ingredients.
Third Place – Dose Defender
a small pill dispenser, specifically for opioid prescriptions, that aims to prevent the risk of opioid addiction by limiting the amount of opioids a patient has access to over a prescribed period of time.

2018 Awards

First Place – YouCOMM
provides a novel approach to enhancing the way patients and caregivers communicate across a multitude of healthcare settings through a multi-lingual, hands-free, and voice activated tablet application.
Second Place – BioSuperCap
provides a smaller, safer and life-lasting power source for cardiac pacemakers. This multilayer device harvests and stores body energy to power pacemakers.
Third Place – QRfertile
a private home-based test for male fertility.

2017 Awards

First Place – Apployment
An app that serves as a centralized “on call” part-time job tool used by employers and job seekers.
Second Place – LOKI – Live Media
Developed to evolve the live streaming market, as well as revolutionize the news and media industry. Through our broadcasters/app users, LOKI can provide full coverage of events with 0 production costs, and also provide viewers individual and customizable ways to watch any live event.
Third Place – Dermatat-X
Dermatat-X offers a tattoo removal patch, which acts quickly and painlessly to remove tattoos of all colors from the skin.
Judge’s Choice – EpiGo
EpiGo is a wearable piece of medical technology that dispenses epinephrine in the event of anaphylaxis and then provides an easy means to replace the used epinephrine. Serve as a cost-effective, reliable, and portable alternative to the EpiPen(™).

2016 Awards

First Place – Protectiscope
Second Place – Atlas Arm
Third Place – mBiotics

2015 Awards

First Place – Autobeacon
Second Place – SoulStones
Third Place – Picaptcha
Judge’s Choice – StoryLine

2014 Awards

First Place – Haptitude
Second Place – Reknown
Third Place – Reflective Gestures

2013 Awards

First Place – Macroscopic Solutions
Second Place – Parts Tech
Third Place – Seaweed Fertilizer

2012 Awards

First Place – YumZing
Second Place – SymbolHound
Third Place – Turning Individuals into Philanthropists