Previous Winners

2018 Awards

First Place – YouCOMM
provides a novel approach to enhancing the way patients and caregivers communicate across a multitude of healthcare settings through a multi-lingual, hands-free, and voice activated tablet application.
Second Place – BioSuperCap
provides a smaller, safer and life-lasting power source for cardiac pacemakers. This multilayer device harvests and stores body energy to power pacemakers.
Third Place – QRfertile
a private home-based test for male fertility.

2017 Awards

First Place – Apployment
An app that serves as a centralized “on call” part-time job tool used by employers and job seekers.
Second Place – LOKI – Live Media
Developed to evolve the live streaming market, as well as revolutionize the news and media industry. Through our broadcasters/app users, LOKI can provide full coverage of events with 0 production costs, and also provide viewers individual and customizable ways to watch any live event.
Third Place – Dermatat-X
Dermatat-X offers a tattoo removal patch, which acts quickly and painlessly to remove tattoos of all colors from the skin.
Judge’s Choice – EpiGo
EpiGo is a wearable piece of medical technology that dispenses epinephrine in the event of anaphylaxis and then provides an easy means to replace the used epinephrine. Serve as a cost-effective, reliable, and portable alternative to the EpiPen(™).

2016 Awards

First Place – Protectiscope
Second Place – Atlas Arm
Third Place – mBiotics

2015 Awards

First Place – Autobeacon
Second Place – SoulStones
Third Place – Picaptcha
Judge’s Choice – StoryLine

2014 Awards

First Place – Haptitude
Second Place – Reknown
Third Place – Reflective Gestures

2013 Awards

First Place – Macroscopic Solutions
Second Place – Parts Tech
Third Place – Seaweed Fertilizer

2012 Awards

First Place – YumZing
Second Place – SymbolHound
Third Place – Turning Individuals into Philanthropists