During the iQ workshops take advantage of our network of professional mentors looking to hear about your ideas and help you develop them. These professional mentors range from current and former entrepreneurs to experienced angel investors. The mentors will attend all of the workshops, network with all of the teams, evaluate final applications, and participate in the judging process. They are here for your success! Please contact the iQ team to be in touch with any of our mentors outside of the workshops.

Mentor Name
Area of Expertise

Analouie, Mostafa
Biotech, Medical Devices

Aune, Dave
Startups, Mentoring, Customer Experience

Bienemann, Robin
Operations, Manufacturing

Behandish, Morad
Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science

Bouley, Kevin
Business Generalist

Bruno, Christopher
Consulting, Human Resources, Healthcare Industry, Investment Management, Survey Research, Databases

Chen, Carson
Innovation Quest – Managing Partner, Business Strategy, Business Development, Technology, Team Building, Product Development, Keen ability to listen

Chen, Nelson

Cremins, Matt
Engineering, Business Startups

Dino, Rich
Director, UConn Innovation Quest Program, Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Dvoskin, Dan
Finance, Software

Evans, Annette
Biology, Science/STEM Fields, Small Business Startups in CT

Feeney, Margaret
Management, Operations

Fox, Keith
Innovation Quest – Managing Partner, Brand Strategy, Product Development and Positioning, Marketing, Management, Finance

Gangemi, Tony
Law – Patent and other areas of IP Law

Gardiner, Kevin
Operations, Customer Service, Retail, SaaS

Gilson, Paul
Entrepreneurial Finance

Hughes, Paul
Law and Emerging Growth Companies

Kolb, Gloria
Medical Devices

Longo, Parker
Venture Capital

Maguire, Steve
Medical products, Product developments, Manufacturing, Management

Menard, Dave

Minkara, Abe
Startups, Venture Capital, eCommerce Strategy, Technology, Consumer Packaged Goods

Noble, David
Business model development, Digital Innovation

O’Neil, Brooks
Healthcare, Consumer packaged goods, Financial Services

Parker, Paul
Business Start-ups

Roeck, Guenter
Computer Science, Focus on operating systems and embedded system development

Schloss, Gary
Manufacturing, Design, Prototyping, International Business

Shannon, Tim
Healthcare with a focus on biopharmaceuticals

Smith, Mark R.

Technical: Scientific Imaging and Geoscientific Research
Operations: Accounting, Product Development, Small Business Management, Sales & Marketing, Capital Growth & Cashflow Strategies

Souder, David

Stalf, Andrea
Marketing & Strategy

Tansey, Hugh
Sales, Business Development

Tirea, Don
User Experience & User Interface Design, Digital Product Development Process, Agile Development, Waterfall Development, User Acceptance Testing, Lean Methodology

Ullman, Nadav
Technology, B2B, SaaS, Sales, Startups

Yakaitis, Larry
Software Development and Commercialization, Business Startups

Yakaitis, Mackie

Zehner, Andrew
Business and legal affairs