CTStartup Podcasts

The CT Startup podcast is all about connecting people who are passionate about the growing Connecticut startup ecosystem.  Much like Innovation Quest, this podcast is a representation of how the Connecticut startup scene is getting sronger and how when you meet the right people magic can happen.

Whether you’re looking to join Innovation Quest or just want to learn more about startups, this podcast is an excellent resource to learn about the exciting things happening in the Connecticut and to reach out to the guests.


Episode: Curating Startup Innovation at UCONN Innovation Quest with Rich Dino

The CTStartup Podcast is back for its third season with a new format, new host, and new interviews focusing on the startup ecosystem in Connecticut.

We start off Season 3 interviewing Rich Dino, an associate professor at UCONN and the Director of the Innovation Quest Program aimed at helping young students and startups bring their business ideas to life.



Episode: UConn Innovation Quest SR ClampLight

Sometimes the simplest innovation can have the largest impact, and can even save lives in the right situation.

The SR Clamplight is a firefighting tool created by Jerry Reyes-Riviera, a volunteer firefighter who saw a way to make this dangerous profession a little bit safer for his fellow firefighters.

Tune in for this UCONN Innovation Quest interview and hear how this simple invention could mean the difference between life and death for the brave men and women of the local fire department.



Episode: UConn Innovation Quest Macroscopic Solutions

Though most of the startups that participated in the UCONN Innovation Quest are in the earliest stages of building their business, one returning company, Macroscopic Solutions, is a veteran of the IQ challenge, and returned to offer both advice, and a look at just how far they have come.

We sat down with Mark Smith of Macroscopic, who has been a guest on CTStartup as well, to discuss how IQ helped his business grow from an idea into a full-time job with international reach.



Episode: UConn Innovation Quest Flux Forcefield

No matter what automakers do, creative thieves find ways to defeat even the most elaborate anti-theft devices. Indeed, it is almost impossible to stop a truly determined thief, and even if you do, proving their guilt can be difficult unless you catch them red-handed. But what if you could add an anti-theft device to your car that did just that?

The students behind Flux Forcefield, another entry in UCONN’s Innovation Quest business incubator, has created an anti-theft deterrent that could send repeat offenders behind bars for a long time.



Episode: UConn Innovation Quest Dermatat

Tattoos were once considered taboo and the realm of weirdos and ne’er-do-wells, but in the 21st century body ink has gone mainstream. Alas, that also means a number of tattoos done in questionable taste, and despite many wonders of modern medicine, the only current treatment for tattoo removal is both painful and expensive.

But what if tattoo removal was as simple as applying a band-aid? That’s the idea behind Dermatat, a concept straight out of UCONN’s Innovation Quest business incubator. Tune in to check out what could be the next revolution in the tattoo industry.



Episode: UConn Innovation Quest CRISPR – X

You may not have heard of it, but CRISPR (that stands for “clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats”) could change the face of modern medicine as we know it. Many startups are involved in trying to utilize CRISPR to cure diseases, but a couple of college students may have already beaten them to the punch.

UCONN students Ryan Englander and Nandan Tumu are developing a way to use CRISPR as a means of fighting off certain kinds of cancers even after they’re developed. Could these two college students find the cancer breakthrough that has eluded modern medicine for so long?



Episode: UConn Innovation Quest EpiGo

The plight of EpiPen users has been brought into the public consciousness this past year, inspiring two young entrepreneurs to conceive of a smaller, better way to deliver life-saving epinephrine.

Join Chris and Eric as they talk about the inspiration and potential with two members of
the four-person team behind this mobile and cost-effective EpiPen replacement.



Episode: UConn Innovation Quest LOKI

In this entry of our UCONN Innovation Quest series, we speak to Andrew Ginzberg of LOKI, a new app that aims to evolve the live streaming market, as well as revolutionize the news and media industry.

Through broadcasters, LOKI hopes to provide full coverage of events with n0 production costs, and also provide viewers individual and customizable ways to watch any live event.



Episode: UConn Innovation Quest Zapployment

For the second episode of our series covering UCONN’s Innovation Quest startup incubator, we talk Jaclyn Paride about her innovative new employment concept, Zapployment. Born from a love of fast food and a disdain for poor service, this innovative startup could impact franchise owners nationwide.

Imagined as a way for restaurant franchise owners to quickly and easily hire people with the appropriate skills, Zapployment aims to redfine the hiring process and allow managers to find replacement workers for absent or awful employees on short notice.

Tune in as we talk McDonalds, late-night Skype mentoring sessions, and what the future of hiring might look like.



Episode: UConn Innovation Quest Podstories

CTStartup was invited to interview the finalists of UCONN’s Innovation Quest, a startup incubator program that seeks to help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life.

Appropriately enough, our first interview is with Ali Oshinskie of Podstories, who hopes to turn this casting medium into an effective way for businesses to tell their story to consumers. Tune in for what could be the future of business podcasting.