Prizes & Eligibility

The iQ Competition is designed to encourage innovators to pursue their ideas and get funded for it. If you have an idea, Innovation Quest is looking for you! Innovation Quest wants to provide you with the resources for your ideas, your Innovation Quest.

This event is open to all University of Connecticut students (undergradate & graduate) as well as alumni who have graduated within one year.


1st place $15,000
2nd place $10,000
3rd place $5,000

Eligibility for Funding

All UConn students are eligible to enter the iQ competition. No matter how “out-of-the-box” your idea is, enter the competition. All potential projects/ideas will be considered for the competition, advisement and/or connecting with the experts who can really help you. The top-rated projects are judged in order of highest potential for commercialization and a realizable prototype validating the novel idea at a level to capture the interest of industry.

Criteria for Funding/Assistance

It certainly isn’t cheating if you know the criteria for obtaining funding. In fact, we at iQ want you to consider the criteria when developing your ideas. So here they are:

  • We give preference to projects that demonstrate and validate the novel idea. (We highly encourage you to prototype and demonstrate your idea. This act alone will provide deep insight, guide and unlock the passage ways, stepping stones, frontiers and bring you to the vistas of your Innovation Quest journey.)
  • We like ideas that have a high potential for commercialization and attract industry.
  • We like solid multidisciplinary teams, technology, creativity, business, etc.
  • We like ideas that are paradigm shifts to a broad new market.

Innovate with the eye of an entrepreneur, seeking to solve key holes in the market with solutions that will build a solid business.

Remember, the idea here is to enhance and enable out-of-the-box thinking, so don’t be shy! It costs nothing to apply, and you never know, you just might win!