2020 Finalists & Winners

Despite the shortened Spring Semester and the complications of the coronavirus pandemic, 273 student innovators from 82 disciplines and 58 teams participated in the 2020 UConn iQ competition. Despite all the early environmental challenges that they have faced, each team has demonstrated the resilience and nimbleness of seasoned entrepreneurs. From last year’s cohort, we now have 2 companies earning revenue and another company that has received angel funding on its pathway to growth. The 2020 cohort is every bit as exciting. Furthermore, we have seen 2 successful exits to major corporations in the last year, from Year 2 and Year 3 IQ teams.

Congratulations to SimpliGreen, RediSeal, FLUSH Warranty, the InQbator Invitees and iQ Program Finalists! Embrace the Challenge and Enjoy the Journey!

2020 UConn Innovation Quest Winners

  1. SimpliGreen ($15,000)
  2. ReduSeal ($10,000)
  3. FLUSH Warranty ($5,000)

2020 UConn InQbator Invitees

(alphabetical order)

  1. Enhanced BioControl of Agricultural Products
  2. FLUSH Warranty
  3. Heidibar
  4. MilGaia’s Way
  5. ProVelocity Bat
  6. ReduSeal
  7. SimpliGreen
  8. StimPatch
  9. The Momentum App
2020 UConn Innovation Quest Finalists
Entry Project Name
Enhanced Biocontrol of Agricultural Pathogens
FLUSH Warranty
MilGaia’s Way
ProVelocity Bat
Pyrebug Studios LLC
Solar Upconversion Nexus (S.U.N.)
Structure Aurora AR
The Momentum App
The Pin Tracker