2018 Finalists – Top 20

2018 was another record year for UConn Innovation Quest participation. Eighty-nine (89) teams submitted applications, proving that creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship is very strong at UConn. After a thorough judging process using 35 mentor evaluators, the 2018 UConn Innovation Quest Competition Finalists have been chosen and are listed below.

The 2018 iQ submissions were extremely competitive. For those of you who were not identified as Finalists this year, we strongly encourage you to continue working to identify market needs and to develop unique solutions for those needs. Take advantage of the numerous program’s here at UConn that can help you develop your ideas. The knowledge and skill sets that you continue to acquire in doing so, will differentiate your educational experience and provide you with competitive advantage in the marketplace. We invite you to join us for the 2019 competition, which will kick off early in the Spring Semester of 2019. Thanks to all of you for your participation in this year’s iQ competition. We look forward to your ideas in the upcoming year.

Congratulations to all of the finalists!


2018 UConn Innovation Quest Finalists
Entry # Entry Project Name
123 Biosupercap for life lasting cardiac pacemakers
154 HR Platform for STEM Recruitment/Hiring
155 Ambient Heat Engine
158 EMFree
162 EFFE
166 Wireless Charging Tabletop
169 MXERS Audio
174 DropBoard
176 Encapsulate: A Tumor-on-a-chip Device for Individualized Screening of Chemotherapeutic Drugs
177 Machine learning-based estimation of nanomaterials properties via microscopic image processing
178 Syllavid
180 Personalized Communication Device
181 AminoAlert Plus
182 NavAud: An Audio-based Navigation system for blind or visually impaired person
191 A non-Rigid Lower Extremity STS Exoskeleton
193 SmartPipes
200 SnakeSkin Basketballs
203 QRfertile: providing a private home-based solution for testing male reproductive health
207 No-Nest
212 PrintCutCarry Workstation